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Kiến thức rang xay cà phê

Các Thành Phần Cơ Bản Của Hạt Cafe (The Primary Component of Coffee Bean )

The primary components of green coffee. Structure A raw coffee bean’s structure is a three-dimensional cellulose, matrix containing approximately a million cells. Coating the process strands within that matrix are hundreds of chemicals that the roasting process will transform into the oils and soluble material that determine brewed fee’s flavor

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Tại Sao Hạt Coffee Phải Được Rang ( Why We Roast Coffee Beans )

  Coffee beans are the seeds of the cherries of the coffee tree. Each cherry typically contains two beans whose flat sides face each other. When steeped in hot water, raw or “green,” coffee beans offer little in the way of what one might relate to as coffee taste and aroma.  

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