Pour-Over Method: The delicate way to brew coffee.

The term Pour Over is used to generally describe a way of making coffee in which the barista pours water over ground coffee, the coffee is extracted and flows down to the bottom of the container. Usually, there will be a tool used to hold the coffee powder in place during the extraction process. That tool is a funnel that can be made of: paper, metal, porcelain, plastic…

There is a tool that Vietnamese people are quite familiar with, which is our traditional Phin. In the world, there are many different tools such as: V60 Funnel, Kalita Funnel, Chemex Flask… And the V60 funnel is the most successful and popular tool in the Pour Over method. Even when mentioning Pour Over, coffee lovers often assume that they are brewed by pouring through the V60 funnel.

The reason they chose the V60 funnel in the Pour Over method is because: With the V60 funnel, the Pour Over brewing method can capture and highlight the most unique and wonderful flavors of Specialty coffee beans such as: Floral aroma , the fruit taste is sweet and the bitter taste is almost non-existent…


Starting from a German woman to a glass company in Japan and spreading to the whole world! Around the 1980s, with the thought: “Find a way to brew coffee that gives a clearer flavor by letting water flow through the coffee”, Hario’s designers designed the ancestral funnel. of V60. It is shaped like a conical tube with wire rods to support the filter paper. Coffee is poured into paper, the paper is held in place by strings, water is poured into the coffee in the paper and runs down the conical tube.

  1. FLAVOR OF POUR OVER With the V60, you can use light roast coffee. That is the roast level at which coffee retains the most floral and fruity flavors. Those are the seductive flavors that captivate so many third wave coffee lovers. Try coffee from Ethiopia Yirgacheffe at light roast level and brewed with V60. You will immediately notice the characteristic jasmine scent of wet-processed Ethiopian coffee, a hint of black tea and the sour taste of orange that will make your mouth water immediately.

V60 funnel: You can choose popular ceramic funnels from brands such as NoBrand, Hario, Brewista… Currently, the price of the V60 funnel is also quite cheaper than before. There are many different types of materials used to create the V60 funnel such as: Plastic, porcelain, aluminum, copper… Depending on the type of material, the heat emission is different. Heat generation affects coffee extraction during pouring. There is no optimal material to bring the best extraction, only the skill and creativity of the barista determines the flavor of Pour Over coffee.

Pour Over Kettle: You need a gooseneck kettle to make delicious Pour Over coffee cups. With a gooseneck design, the water stream poured out is small and even without gurgling like water pouring from a kettle. A small and steady stream of water will help the coffee to be extracted more evenly, thereby avoiding brewing errors that cause a bitter, harsh taste in your cup of coffee. For coffee lovers at home, you only need a small pot of about 600ml, without functions such as heating water according to temperature. Because a kettle that can heat water at different temperatures will be 6-8 times more expensive than a regular kettle. An electric kettle, a small thermometer and a small gooseneck pouring kettle next to it will save you quite a bit of money!

Thermometer: Just like making tea, you need to pay attention to the temperature of the water in which you make coffee. If you make coffee using boiling water (100 degrees Celsius) your coffee will be bitter, burned and have a burnt taste. If you use too low a temperature, your coffee will be weak. The ideal water temperature for making Pour Over coffee is 85 to 96 degrees Celsius. And the special thing is that depending on the funnel and pouring method, each water temperature produces different coffee flavors. That is the special point of Pour over and Specialty coffee, you will have a lot of things to adjust and explore! Don’t stop at temperature, what turns you into a “scientist” is a scale. Small scale with timer: The ratio of water to coffee is what you need to pay attention to. And the scale will help you create flavors accurate to 0.1g! With a scale you can weigh the coffee, weigh the amount of water you pour over the coffee, from there you can have your own recipes. Every time you brew coffee, you can always find the flavors you love. Best of all, thanks to this scale, you can apply many different recipes from the community of Pour Over coffee lovers.

A grinder: Whether it’s Specialty coffee or regular coffee, whether it’s brewed with a V60 funnel or a Vietnamese filter, you should use whole coffee beans and grind them when brewing. Because just by grinding, the good scent of coffee will disappear very quickly after just a few minutes. Light scent groups such as floral, berry, peach, tea… will quickly disappear and the coffee will be contaminated with moisture. The flavor of your coffee cup will only reach 20% – 30% if you use pre-ground coffee or coffee that has been left for more than 1 month. Therefore, buy freshly roasted coffee beans that are <1 month old

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